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How We Can Help

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The Fantasy

What you may think the customer experiences.

The Reality

But touch points along the customer journey are usually more complex.


Creating Better Customer Experiences (CX)

Canto Solutions Can Help.

At some point, your customer or prospect will experience a problem that could cost your organization money and time.

By pinpointing these problems, unlocking solutions, and training relevant stakeholders to embrace needed change, Canto Solutions can help your organization innovate, transform, and lead in its field.

Our services are distinct to each client’s needs and specific to drive noticeable, measurable improvements. Below is a partial list of available Customer Experience (CX) services.

  • Current-State Review

  • Future-State Process Planning & Implementation

  • Process Improvement/System Redesign

  • CX Standards & Best Practices

  • Hotel Guest Experience Improvement Initiatives

  • University Enrollment and Donor Assessment

  • Personalizing the eCommerce Experience

  • Secret Shopper

  • UX Mapping, Testing, & Evaluation

  • Voice of the Customer (VoC): Charting the Customer Journey

  • Restaurant Guest Retention

  • Customer Service Benchmarking


Engaging The Employee

Canto Solutions Can Help

Your staff and coworkers are your evangelists. Without them, there would be no customer experience. They speak directly to your customer.

Make sure you’ve “won over” them, or your CX plan will be poorly implemented.

Canto Solutions takes its recommended game plan and teaches it on all levels across the organization. This ensures adoption and proper implementation of all customer touch points, a unison message is spoken, and decision-making instilled in all.

Below is a sampling of Canto Solutions’ employee-focused turnaround services.

  • Current-State Review

  • Process Improvement/System Redesign

  • Customer Effort Score (CES) Survey Implementation & Assessment

  • Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Implementation & Results Assessment

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Survey Assessment

  • Employee Experience & Empowerment

  • Sales as Experiential Service


Aligning The Organization

Canto Solutions Can Help

You’ve pinpointed the customer issue(s). You’ve built employee buy-in. Now how do you put it all in motion among your various departments for a seamless experience?

Tony and the team at Canto Solutions can make it all happen through proven organizational alignment exercises and outcomes.

Below is a brief list of our organizational alignment services.

  • Future-State Creation

  • Innovation in a Post-Pandemic World

  • University Enrollment & Retention Services

  • Omnichannel Support Mapping & Assessment

  • Time To Resolution (TTR) Assessment

  • Adding Value to Your Loyalty Program

  • Branding Assessment

  • Crisis Messaging to the Customer

  • Training Front-Facing Staff

Our Approach

Achieving customer satisfaction.

Business Meeting

Our Proven Approach

No one knows the dimensions of the new normal. But customer opinion is how we can measure current state and future needs.

We start with solid data and dive deep into stakeholder and customer perceptions and needs. We align those needs with business goals and objectives, identifying broken or missing links that show reality. And we offer an implementation roadmap to success.

We find customers’ unexpressed desires and needs. This is what we call anticipatory CX thinking. Then we help managers, employees and other stakeholders at all levels understand, embrace and pivot to address those desires and needs.

Tony and team are insight-focused and results-driven. Below is our framework to approaching an assignment:

  1. Listen and understand client’s perspective

  2. Dig to root issue(s)

  3. Establish trust

  4. Eliminate uncertainty

  5. Provide perspective based on data

  6. Reconfirm trust

  7. Communicate what we see

  8. Uncover opportunities

In essence, we bring our clients from Point A (Current State) to Point B (Future State) faster and smoother than they otherwise could.

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