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Pinpointing Customer Experience Issues.

Customizing Solutions.

How Tony approaches operations and customer experience scalability needs.

From Customer Care to Commerce, Create Experiences Worth Repeating.

We get perspectives from all stakeholders: executives to front-line and support staff. Customers and prospects, too.

We perform unbiased assessments, collect and review data.

We build teams by engaging staff to pivot and willingly address customer needs.

And we align plans and procedures with corporate goals

Read on to learn more for better customer satisfaction.

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For issues like these...

A renowned midwest university sees its enrollment plummet by 11% after a bug-plagued shift to online learning. Employee morale drops, too.

An international hotel chain wants to tip its Gold loyalty members to Platinum status, but can’t identify how best to engage these guests, nor what incentives to use.

Canto can find solutions (and implement them, too).

And setbacks like these...

Unable to onboard and list its newly signed properties quickly, a growing hotel chain sees a sudden drop of 18% in sales.

An international job placement firm is losing customers at 2 points in online enrollment and can’t understand why.

Canto can find solutions (and implement them, too).

And hurdles like these...

An expanding fintech start-up falls behind in providing a much-needed user-friendly app, but is unsure what features it must have.

Canto can find solutions (and implement them, too).

How We Can Help

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  • And More!

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"Tony quickly understood the background of the complex space in hospitality my team was working on. He helped us create beautiful material allowing our team to showcase our accomplishments. Tony was always easily accessible and very professional."

Alexandra Durmus, Marriott International, Digital Department

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"Tony and team were fast. We were experiencing bottlenecks and irate customers. Canto Solutions came in to perform user surveys, secret shopper analysis, and developed new systems that we continue using today."

Jonathan Silverman, Best Buy Store Director, Washington, DC

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"Tony is equal parts ops, sales, IT, finance, and HR. With us he gathered opinion, devised, and rolled out a Go-To-Market checklist that sped up client onboarding from 7 to 3 days. Tony’s your #1 asset to any division you hope to grow at a national or global scale."

Zachary Yost, OYO Hotels General Manager

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"Tony was a valuable asset to our catering department. Whether it was improving our beverage procedures to provide faster service to our guests, or suggesting a change to make a task easier for staff, Tony’s attitude was “How can we become better and more efficient?'"

Megan Rice McCoy, Western Michigan University Banquet Manager


"I had the pleasure of working with Tony as we moved an international travel and education startup from the planning stage to the launch stage. Tony's experience in the industry was extremely helpful in the preparation for launch, yielding immediate marketing results."

Brad Buehler, XcelHR/skills360 Director

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"Despite the time difference (London to US East Coast, I found Tony always had time and availability to answer my calls or emails whenever the need arose. He gives extremely clear guidance and I found his leadership and problem solving skills highly pragmatic and yielded results."

Amanda Dales, Global Experiences LLC, London Program Director

Tony Amante Schepers

CX consultant, team-builder, workshop host, process improvement expert, writer, and guest speaker. 


Canto Solutions CEO Tony Amante Schepers has 15+ years of sales, operations, and organizational management experience. He’s focused, direct, and clear in his communication on finding client pain points and identifying workable solutions.  He knows a holistic approach requires understanding of not just the customer’s wants, but the needs of all stakeholders within the organization.

A dual citizen (US & EU) and avid traveler, Tony has provided professional services across the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America. He understands and values multiple cultures, and brings this experience to the forefront of all decisions and recommendations he makes. He speaks fluent Spanish.

Tony is headquartered in London, England. Frequent travel and video conferences are integral parts of his schedule.

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